Landing gear

The customer can opt for variant with fixed or retractable landing gear.

The main landing gear consists of laminated springs, which are equipped with tired wheels of size 14x4". Bow leg has steel construction and it is suspended with a rubber silent block. This leg is equipped with a wheel of size 12x4".

The wheels can be equipped with aerodynamic fiberglass covers, in the case of a solid landing gear.

Retractable landing gear

The main and nose landing gear is retracted by hydraulic cylinders. The nose wheel retracts to the back into the shaft in the fuselage, the main wheels retract to the center back into the shafts in the trunk compartment. Retraction of the wheels is achieved by a hydraulic unit, which gets the rounds from one to another position during 14 seconds. The wheels are fixed up by hydraulic locks in their outer positions.

The landing gear is operated simply by switch on the dashboard, which also indicates via LED open or closed state of each wheel and working hydraulic power unit.

The wheels are pushed completely into the hull, without protruding from the profile of the airplane and significantly contributes to its low resistance. Land gears shafts are then completly hidden by cover.

The hydraulic unit is operated electrically. Therefore the landing gear is functional even if the engine fails. In the case of failure of the hydraulic unit there is way to realize the emergency eject of landing gear by manual hydraulic pump, which is located next to the pilot's seat.

Brake system

Both main wheels are braked by hydraulic brakes, which are controlled by foot pedals for steering. Each wheel is braked individually. The braking system can be duplicated. Upon request, the airplane can be equipped with a parking brake.