The power unit consists of an air plane engine ROTAX 912 UL with 80 HP or ROTAX 912IS, ROTAX 912ULS with 100 HP. Rotax 912 is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with antipodal cylinders, central camshaft and OHV wiring. The engine is attached to the engine bed suspended on the anti-fire wall.

The engine cooling is combined – cylinder heads are cooled by water, the cylinders are cooled by air. The lubrication is with the dry box. The ignition is double non-contact, condenser with a magnet. The engine is equipped with an electric starter, AC generator and a mechanical fuel pump. The propeller is driven through an integrated gearbox and slipper clutch.

The engine installation can be extended by an electric fuel pump, an airbox, a fire protection of the fuel and oil hoses or an auxiliary generator.

The engine is equipped with sensors which sense the parameters of its operation, i. e., fuel pressure, fuel flow, oil pressure, oil temperature, temperature of cylinder heads, exhaust temperature or underpressure of suction.