Behind the anti-fire wall separating the engine compartment from the trunk there is the heart of the aircraft – the cockpit. The composite fuselage structure in the cabin area is made up of so-called hybrid, i. e. a combination of carbon and aramid fibers, which is extremely tough, providing safety to the crew in case of an emergency landing.


Good view from the airplane provides the great canopy, which is made from one piece of acrylic glass, offered in clear or color design in shades of blue, green and brown. The canopy can be easily folded, in charge of its lifting are two gas struts. The canopy is equipped with a locking latch, which can be easily locked by key from the outside.

Looking to back hemisphere is provided by two windows located on the sides, which are installed into the airplane as standard. Their color is always the same as the color of the main canopy.


All the controls of the main and auxiliary systems are digestedly and ergonomically arranged in the cockpit.

The engine throttle and elevator trim control is located in the center console under the dashboard. Their control is very convenient, since none of the drivers must be detented. The lever of the mechanical controlling of the flaps is located directly between the seats.

Foot control is equipped with brake cylinders. The brake system can be installed for the co-pilot seat as well. The control of parking brake is located under the center panel and it is controlled manually from pilots position.

Each seat has a stick of standard construction.


We are able to install a wide array of avionics into the aircraft. From conventional mechanical flight and engine instruments to the combined unit, called "glass cockpit", or their combination.

We offer several types of GPS, radios and transponders. We are able to link selected devices for their mutual communication to facilitate piloting an airplane. Selected mechanical clocks can be equipped with controlled light exposure.

We have experience with installing two types of two-axis autopilots, which is particularly handy for long haul flights. On request of the customer we will equip the airplane with a VOR navigation system.

Each dashboard is made to measure for the customer, according to the specification of the concrete airplane. The instruments are mounted in a laser-fired plate with surface inscriptions created by serigraphy – wihtout stamps.

Cabin interior

The width of the cabin in place of the crew seats ensures that there will be a comfortable place for both pilots. The interior of cabin is equipped with basic fabric upholstery. On request it is possible to choose from several comfortable textile and leather versions in different colors. The solid seats are equipped with four-point safety belts, whose color is aligned with the color of the upholstery.

Ventilation and heating

The aircraft is equipped with efficient ventilation and heating system. The drivers are under the dashboard on the left side. Warm air is distributed to the legs area, cold air is going through vents on the upper surface of the dashboard.

The canopy can be fitted with simple round or sliding windows with air vent valves.

Baggage compartment

Behind the pilot seats there is the baggage compartment. It is accessible from inside of the cabin through the area above the seats.

It is equipped with holders for headphones and audio outputs for their involvement. On request a net can be installed into the baggage compartment.