Airplane VL-3 LSA

The plane has been derived from the basic VL-3 airplane to comply with American LSA rules.

It has a larger, newly shaped wing and is produced with fixed landing gear and on land adjustable propeller. Strength test were carried out for MTOW 600 kg (1320 lbs).

Weights and Capacities

Wing Span 31'6''
Height 6'72''
Fuselage Length 20'5''
Cabin Width 42"
Prop Diameter 5'8''
Empty Weight 661 lbs
Maximum Gross Weight 1,320 lbs
Useable Fuel (US) 24,5 - 31,5 gal
Half Fuel Payload 540 lbs
Full Fuel Payload 450 lbs

Aircraft Performance

Take-off Distance [ground roll] 520 ft
Landing Distance [ground roll] 550 ft
Take-off Distance [to clear a 50' obstacle] 1,050 ft
Landing Distance [to clear a 50' obstacle] 1,100 ft
Sea Level Climb Rate 850 fpm
Service Ceiling 13,200msl
Maximum Range 730 nm
Fuel Flow 3.8 gph
Maximum Cruise Speed 119 ktas
Stall Speed [Vs0—Landing Configuration] 35 kts
Stall Speed [Vs1—Clean] 45 kts
Best Rate of Climb [Vy] 65 kts
Maneuvering Speed [Va] 88 kts
Normal Operating Speed [Vno] 110 kts
Never Exceed Speed [Vne] 165 kts